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HTRK - New Year's Day (Official)

Shot pre-pandemic, NYD began as homage to The Hunger by Tony Scott ie. a glamorous and gritty NYC vampire story. As we sunk into quarantine and the global reality shifted the edit became a personal Rashoman. With no deadline and days on end to tweak, ‘do the wrong thing’ echoing in my head for a year.

The film is about Simultaneity, who’s following who, who’s draining who to fill whom in the vampire metropolis that never sleeps.

In the end, it required running it backwards through the shredder for the grisly footage to sit comfortably in a catastrophic year.

Directed By Nathan Corbin
Co-produced w Jenni Hensler
A Blue Lotus Production

HTRK ~ “Venus in Leo”

For us, travelling down to Australia from NY, literally the other side of the world, with only demos of the song and a few photos of possible locations they’d sent, even the most practical ideas seemed to exist in a fantastical realm. We started shooting with them immediately, through the haze of jetlag and Spring mist. Slow shutter suited the rhythm of the song; a Wong Kar Wai inspired blurrr to immortalize time.

Jonn’s lyrics paint a cosmic and mythical realm - which led us to this storybook, Garden of Eden like park in the rainforest. Nigel created his character as a kind of gangster, street shaman, roaming the back alleys of a consciousness…representing the great spirit to whom Jonn is pleading.

The costumes fell into our hands so naturally. All the colors lined up. Jonn’s Venus/Rose colored dress representing love/Venus and Nigel’s Lion colored cape as Leo.

There’s a bit of a plot twist in the middle. They’re just human. The ending, we’d rather not explain, a bit of hitting you with the hee where the two paths merge; soft yearning and perpetual motion on the Rainbow Road.

Film gods hooked it up, Give Thanks.

Directed by Nathan Corbin and Tony Lowe
A Video Dub Production
Filmed in Melbourne, Australia

HTRK - "Chinatown Style"

‘In NYC there is fluidity between everyone. You’re constantly “encountering”people. Always entering. The energy can vary wildly with successive shifts from light to dark to light like yin-yang. You found luck! You find yourself in a utopian center: a Psychic 9-5 Club.

‘People are dancing.

‘I chose to work with people I didn’t know for the most that our interaction was new, a delivery.

‘The cinematography concept was crucial. Shoot with a wide angle lens to create that innocence. You see everything so the “gaze”… the obsessive and voyeuristic part of looking is reduced. The eye of an open heart.’

Directed by Nathan Corbin
Co-Directed by Tony Lowe
Produced by Video Dub

HTRK - Bendin (Official)

An alien crash lands in downtown LA, breaking a water main. Balancing
itself against the Earth's gravity, the alien bends and twists out of
sight from firemen inspecting the damage. It finds seclusion in the
city's little used elevators and escalators. It tries to drink water
but can't swallow. The alien wanders in to an arcade. Men play pool
surrounded by a dozen tv's all playing the same soap opera. These
humans, waiting for the bus or floating down the boardwalk on segways,
seem all the more estranged. Yet the alien puts this circus of
weirdos at unease. The alien twists down the boardwalk with it's
'energy drink' in imitation of the humans around it...impossibly
trying to fit in.

Jonnine and Nigel both play the alien. 'Bendin' is dance video,
literalizing the song's themes of bending and twisting in the
movements of the alien.

Directed, Shot, Edited by
Nathan Corbin

Music videos produced for HTRK