Nathan Corbin Nathan Corbin

Detroit, HTRK US tour, April ‘22:

A haunted Airbnb led us to shoot a long dreamt of ‘Sapphire and Steel’ reference with J+N playing cosmic/psychic ghostbusters.

Nigel’s acoustic, American country stylings inspired a ‘Heartworn Highways’, zoom-y 16mm approach.

Aaron ‘Angel’ Anderson (Beat Detectives) flew in to animate a ‘cute Grim Reaper’ based on Jonnine’s vision of a sweet, glittery mortality

OJ San Felipe stamped it with an LSD tab kiss.

A joy to collaborate with the fam and come together again


Into the Light….

Starring: Jonnine Standish & Nigel Yang

Directed by Nathan Corbin

Animation by Aaron Anderson

Lips OJ San Felipe

Film, edit, titles by NC

Special Efx: Jason Powers & Ben Mortimer