Nathan Corbin Nathan Corbin

Directed By Nathan Corbin
Produced by Jonnine Standish
Starring Yasmina Dexter & Jonnine
Featuring Paolo Zagoreo
Claire Mineo
Photography by Nathan, Paolo & Yasmina
Stying by Paolo
Animated Title by Benjamin Thomson
Good Morning Tapes 2019

Filmed in Venice, Italy

Written by Jonnine Standish
Produced by Nathan Corbin & Jonnine
Mixed by Nathan Corbin

Lebron James in
Good Morning Tapes
Official 'Jonnine- Supernatural' Sweatshirt

Produced by Jonnine Standish and Nathan Corbin

 Recorded in the Peruvian Amazon, Melbourne & Big Island, Hawaii.

Mixed by Nathan Corbin in NYC

Directed Music video for Scorpio Rises Again, shot in Venice Italy.

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